Hassle-Free Gutter Solutions!

Here at Kaw Valley Sheet Metal, we treat every project as if it were our own. We are always ready to go the extra step for our customers. Our diligent team will ensure that your project is seamless from start to finish by arriving on time and maintaining a clean working environment. Your property holds meaningful value and we can help protect it from unnecessary damage. Without proper execution of gutter and leaf-guard installation, rainwater and debris can wreak havoc on your home or building. Kaw Valley Sheet Metal guarantees that your gutters and leaf guards will be installed to the highest industry standards.


5″ K-STYLE¬†



The 6″ K-Style gutter will handle nearly twice the volume of water as a 5″ K-Style gutter. Not only do they handle more water, they also cover up more of the fascia.¬†



No one wants to waste time dealing with gutters and downspouts clogged with debris. We offer a variety of leaf guard solutions, including the application of common brands or our custom fabricated options to color match your gutters.